Mary Elizabeth Branch Park


A 3.5-acre open space located across from the new Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s office and AMLI’s second multifamily community on the northern end of the Aldrich Street mixed-use district.

The park, named for noted former president of Tillotson College (later Huston-Tillotson University) features amenities, including sand volleyball courts, a custom play airplane for kids and a dog run.

The playscape is constructed from recycled materials and native or adaptive landscaping is incorporated throughout the park. Branch Park also features an interactive waterscape that emulates the way water flows in Central Texas. With a push of a button, park goers can operate bubblers and jets that represent rain. The water then channels through an area that resembles a Hill Country stream before it spills out of limestone cliff blocks onto a stone surface to offer an interactive experience for people of all ages.

To read more on the park’s namesake, Mary Elizabeth Branch, click here.